560 million LINE friends

Malaysia with Over 10 Million User.
LINE is now being used in 230 countries

Daily Records

13 billion Messages Sent
92.36 Million Timeline Communication
12,059,177 Calls
1.8 Billion Stickers Sent
1.7 million New Register Users

Our services

  • Licensing & Merchandising
  • B2B Marketing Solutions
  • Official Account
  • LINE Sponsored sticker
  • LINE Advertising
  • PR Page
  • Research Page
  • Official Home
  • Line Marketing Collaborations

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LINE OA Features

  • Messages

    You can create messages from the smartphone app or the PC admin page and batch send them to customers and fans who have friended your account. Messages can be reserved for sending in advance, providing you with the flexibility needed to time messages to your campaigns and events.

  • 1:1Chat

    You can talk with customers and fans in one-on-one chats. As this allows you to directly communicate with your customers and fans through LINE, you can easily respond to and handle a variety of inquiries, questions, comments and more.

    This feature can be used from the LINE@ exclusive app.

  • Account Page

    You can create your own exclusive LINE in-app home page. This home page allows you to easily produce and deliver info regarding your account, such as notices, event notifications, just-in info and more in the same format as you would on a typical website.

  • Timeline and Home

    Along with push messages, you can also use the Timeline and Home features to send an unspecified number of users news and notifications regarding your account. You can also choose when to send messages, and have them posted simultaneously to your Timeline as well.

  • PR Pages

    You can create and provide rich data, coupons, and more that you can’t fit in a normal message here. You can create one-time only coupons and raffle tickets as well.

    This feature can be used from the PC admin page.

  • Research Pages

    You can create content that invites users to participate, such as questionnaires and polls. You can hold surveys on your products and services to gain information on user attributes based on gender, age, and other factors.

    This feature can be used from the PC admin page.

  • Statistics

    You can check changes to the daily number of users who have friended your account, responses to your Timeline, and more. You can also designate a period to download numerical data relevant to that period.


  • Over 1.29 Million Follower
  • Advertising solution for e-commerce companies
  • Drive instant traffic to e-commerce site
  • Generate incremental sales
  • With LINE Shopping, partners are able to do time sales during the low peak to help on sales


  • Over 600k Follower
  • Engage users with brands by using interesting contents
  • Drive instant traffic for product trial & promotion
  • Generate incremental sales
  • With LINE FUN, partners are able to do product introductory, product sampling or market testing before product launch
  • LINExMILO – participation rate: ±25%, redemption rate ±38%/ The campaign got viral not only within LINE, but also on other social media platforms as well